Sunday, November 13, 2011

Too Much Mommy-Time

This week is a first in my journey of mommyhood.  I have had TOO MUCH mommy-time. 

Now, I know this is a problem many women in this world would like to have, and while I don't feel guilty about this week (see post here) I miss my little boy. 

I have never been a mom who can't stand to see my baby grow up.  Maybe in another 5 years I will change that sentiment but the best parenting advice I've ever gotten has come from my beloved stepdad: "Your job is in the beginning to take care of him 100% of the time and then get to the pont eventually where you take care of him 0% of the time"  This, and the fact that I love watching Asher grow, well, it just doesn't strike me as sad.

 But this week on the night of my second evening activity I left a bit early to make it home in time for bedtime.  Our normal routine is for daddy to give a bath, jammies, and teeth brushed.  Mommy gets to rock and sing baby to sleep.  I missed it on Tuesday and am so thankful that he will go to sleep with daddy, but I missed it. 

The older Asher has gotten the less time bedtime takes-I sing 2 songs then put him, awake, to bed.  I can tell he is eventually going to tire of it as some nights he can barely make it through the 2 songs before squirming aound only laying still when out of my arms and in his crib.  This is the only time of day that our son is "cuddly".  Sure he will give an unsolicited hug every so often, and he is patient with my constant loving on him, but this is the only time he will lay still and quiet and let me hold him.  Sometimes he will even let me run my fingers through his hair, but I know to stop after a couple of times before he will remove my fingers for me, like I said, he is pretty patient with me.

I was so happy I made it home intime for bedtime.  I am thankful to have gone through this week because now I know, for this life stage anyway, what is too much time away from home.

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