Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Few Sick Turkeys

This Thanksgiving was a rough one.

Despite the lovely family bonding and some excellent food, a Christmas tree purchased and twinkling in my front window, and some great time together just the 3 of us, a good portion of that time has been spent cleaning up bodily fluids.

Now, you may not want to hear about this, but
1) I want to remember this down the road
2) I have a medical background and this stuff doesn't bother me, and
3) I don't think I should only write about the sunshine and rainbows in our daily life.

I was super excited about this Thanksgiving and subsequent tree finding since our Little Man is big enough to eat anything on the table and it was a very warm weekend for the midwest in November.  I had plans to photograph all kinds of sweet family moments and then proceded to forget my camera.  Twice.  So I guess those pictures will have to burn themselves into my non-existent memory.

I'm not sure where we got it (I have a good theory) but all three of us have now been through a GI bug.  Watching your 18 month old vomit and feel horrible is something I wish he never has to endure again.  It ripped my heart out every time.

It has seemed like sickness has invaded our family since September and I'm growing tired of it. I didn't even need my full hand to count the number of sicknesses in the first 15 months of Asher's life and now it seems we are going for a record.  Sigh... I just hope this doesn't last all winter.


  1. I'm so sorry! Emma's first tummy bug was last month and it sucks to watch the poor little things get sick. I hope you are all feeling better!

  2. Love reason #3. :) I'm so sorry you have had the plague! Stomach bugs are awful. Liam has had it twice and it just kills me how miserable he is... it's pretty much the only time Liam slows down.