Thursday, March 26, 2015

JAB 5 Months

You just keep growing! I think your little cheeks are fillin out again, so I am gearing up for another gowth spurt. I cannot fathom how fast little humans grow at this stage of life, it is miraculous, really.

You have decided to start rolling, back to front. You don't wait long to roll, sometimes immediately. You haven't tried to roll back, but instead just get a bit perturbed about it. That's ok with me, since I know what happens when you decide to get going.

You put everything you can into your mouth. Asher think it's funny when that includes his fingers.

Micah has become so gentle with you, Asher is big enough he really has always been. Wish I hadn't told him about that soft spot on your head though...

You are truly belly-laughing. It's hilarious, but only your brothers can elicite it from you. Usually you like them to jump around and act crazy, but it's not the same when mommy does it.

You are still napping 3 times a day, but the lengths really vary. Night sleep is great some nights, and not so great others. You still seem congested, but I keep waiting it out. Not sure if anything is going on there...

You have started to grab our cups when we drink, I forgot that fact when I was attempting to drink a smoothie with a lidless straw. That was messy.

This month you also conrtracted RSV from your brothers and spent the last week of your 5th month in the hospital. After a check-up with your brothers, we found your SPO2 was low (sleeping in my arms aftera breathing treatment it wouldn't pop above 89) so we were intstructed to go sraight to the hospital. I couldn't even drop off Asher and Micah. We spent 5 days on oxygen, mainly while you slept. It was a difficult 5 days, but only on the medical side, you did so well, despite being woken up often and not at home.

We are glad to start this month off getting towards healthy. That experience was difficult and eye opening, but made us so thankful for our health.

JAB 4 Months

You are not so little any more!

At your 4 month appointment you have reached 27 inches (99%) and 16 lbs, 6 ounces (75%). It will be interesting to see if your height continues to be off the charts. People continually comment how BIG you look, not at all your age.

I ordered several 9 month pieces, only to find them too short for you in the torso. Add in the cloth diapers, and we are looking for more clothes. You are in mostly 12 month stuff now.

You are starting to belly laugh which we are all mesmorized by. You find your big brothers especially hilarious and they love entertaining you. You are also a bit ticklish.

We had the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, but we know it's temporary.

You have finally decided on 3 naps a day and eat every 3-4. You also have had your first cold and ear infection (!?!). I wonder if I am eating something that you don't agree with, because some dry/excema looking skin has emerged also.

You are still a laid back and happy boy, loved by so many people. We even get comments from many on how content you are, it's been so much fun to have you around.

You have only added to the love in our family. I am so thankful the Lord has let us borrow you here on earth. You are a reminder that children are indeed, such a blessing.

JAB 3 Months

I have a hard time with babies. I do better when I can communicate a bit better with a child. Judah has made me rethink that, just because it's going so fast.

You have started getting up only twice a night. between 12-2 and 4 hours after that. your wake up time varies, but most times I don't think you actually want to be awake. Anyway, its been glorious.

Just when I started to get frustrated with your napping, you switched it up on me. You were taking 4(ish) short naps, none longer than 40 minutes. Then one day you took two short naps, one mornng, one evening, and are taking a loooong afternoon nap. 2-4 hours. you will wake up to nurse, but go right back down.

The boys are still just smitten with you, and the feeling is mutual. Micah is still a bit scary to you, but for good reason: he is still very rough.

We are all somehow still calling you Judah Bug. I'm not sure where that came from, but it's cute to hear your brothers say it.  Asher has been heard telling you that he loves you and will always love you, no matter what, forever and ever. Him and I had a conversation recently and it manifested itself with you. I am so sure he means it. He also calls you chubby cheeks, little brother, and when he gets to you he says, "don't worry, your biggest brother is here".

You like to stand up and are starting to roll towards your side, but no farther. You have gotten your first cold and have been pretty ok with it. You are just surprisingly laid back most of the time.

Lastly, Micah gave you your first bonk on the head. He came out of no where while I was holding you, forehead to forehead. It left a red bump, but to my amazement, you didn't make a sound. You just looked at him in this weird way. I got the distinct impression that you were just informing him that you have logged that infraction and as soon as you can get to him, you will be making up for it. You are the biggest so far of the three boys Judah, it will be interesting to see what that looks like in a few years.

You are a blessing to our family!