Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Breastfeeding: A Modern Day Miracle

Today at lunch, Asher asked me if I had to eat quickly so that I could start making milk (he was talking about "Judah's milk" or breastfeeding). I informed him that actually, my body makes milk without me even thinking about it.

"Can you feel it?" he asked.

"No" I replied "not when I'm making it".

God has formed my body (from 2 cells, can you believe it??) so that I can feed my child everything it needs, from one substance, that I don't have to even think about. I just eat, drink, and nurse my child. That is it. I don't even know how much my child is eating, did you know that? I have no idea how much milk my child is eating at any given feeding, on any given day. The only thing I know is that he poops, pees, and is growing. That little baby and my body somehow have this silent communication that creates different milks, different amounts, at different times, it's all crazytown.

The "experts" have been trying to recreate breast milk for decades, and they still don't have a perfect match. It will grow a child, which is awesome for so many, but I'm talking about the chemical composition, all of the tiny little ingredients. All this scientific research, and study, and experiment, and still not the same substance.

That's when it hit me what a miracle God has placed in my life on a daily, no, hourly basis. I have been breastfeeding now for 31 months of the last 4.5 years and it's just now occurred to me that I have become completely "numb" to a modern day miracle.

Isn't that what we do? Isn't that what the Israelites did (over, and over, and over...) Don't we get so excited about some major healing, or answered prayers, or some freak accident, or even hear the voice of God (or you know, follow a pillar of smoke/fire around?) and then a day, week, year later forget? Do we even see the everyday miracles surrounding us?

I don't.

What a reminder today.

Modern day miracles, all around me, in my everyday.

JAB Months 1 & 2

Judah-Bug, as we all call him, is one content and easy baby.

Judah, you:

Had a pretty bad case of jaundice day two of life. I took you to the ped, who stated you were actually orange. I couldn't get to the blood lab until the next day, and by then these mommy eyes could tell that you looked a tiny bit better and you started pooping regularly. You never had your blood drawn and you cleared up rather quickly.

Very good with your nights and days. I think we only had one "uh-oh" night (your brother Micah had his switched for a time) which meant you were the first of my babies I ever woke during the day to feed. You got right back on track.

You switched from your bassinet to the crib shoved up against our bed around 6 weeks which you seem to love, you had just headed back to waking every two hours. I knew you weren't very comfortable in that thing. You are back to every 3-4 hours.

There was a period of a couple days when I could tell I had been keeping you too busy. You were losing it at 6 pm and screaming for about an hour. I put you in the Tula and paced in the field behind our house until you fell asleep. Itook the next week to make no plans and let you nap. That solved the problem.

You still don't nap well out and about, and the best days for you are at home. Did I actually have a homebody for a baby??

Which may be why God has changed my heart in that  department, I feel much more inclined to try to stay put! We walk Asher to and from preschool 3 days a week, and sometimes that even seems too much.

You gave your first quick smiles at 4 weeks and have been smiling big since 6. It tickles your brothers to get a smile from you. Daddy loves it to get one when he gets home or goes to get you out of bed. You love to communicate with us with your tongue as well. Daddy claims you laugh, but I don't hear it. You are cooing and gurgling a lot now and the boys love it when you make that loud sucking noise.

Naps are short for you and are just now settling into 4 a day. None longer than 40 minutes though. We need to work on that, but I'm not sure how!

You have such a calm, peaceful spirit. We love to hold you and cuddle. You are our little "chubby cheeks" or "Judah Bug" and we just can't imagine our lives, or family, without you!