Thursday, November 17, 2011

18 Months

Man, 18 months goes fast. 

While playing in the attic recently (not a normal occurance, we are converting the office into a "Big Boy Room") Asher found his carrier carseat.  He tried to sit in it like a chair, and I was taken aback by how BIG he is!  That night while rocking at bedtime I realized how LONG he is.  I am amazed that I have somehow watched this happen!  I know they say you don't notice these things when you are around them every day, like a 30 pound weightloss, but this is a TON of growth.  I mean we have gone from 6 lbs. 15 oz to over 23 pounds.  Somebody do the math.

I also realize when Baby #2 gets here in April (let's be realistic, probably May) he is going to seem even bigger.

My little man, or now "Big Boy".  At 18 months he loves:

his version of hide and seek
visitors, or people for that matter
pizza, plain yogurt, grapes, cheese, oatmeal, toast, peas, carrots, pasta, oatmeal cookies
learning to drink out of a normal, no-lid cup
Billy! ("DEE!") and Emma!
he loves when daddy comes home
trucks and cars
books about trucks and cars
his pacifier when sleep (not sure when I'm gonna get rid of that...)
helping - unload the dishwaher, dust, vaccum...
cooking, he gets SO excited when his chair gets pushed up to the counter
eating all flour while baking...
running away from people when it's time to put on his coat
did I mention hide and seek???

I am in awe of him everyday and love watching his expressions when he is trying to figure things out.  He is growing up before my very eyes and I love to be a part of it.  He has molded me into a better woman.

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