Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Day in The Life

I was inspired to write about a typical day in the Beer houselhold after reading a few in the blogging world. Of course I can't find them now to link to them. 

I chose a Monday since they all seem to look the same.  I normally don't plan any playdates or anything since I just catch up from the weekend.

330- I awake to a stirring, cooing baby.  This can't be right, I just fed him at 130... I lift him out of the bassinet to nurse, and he doesn't eat well, not a good sign.  I lay him down to get to the bathroom and I come back only to be greeted by a now SMILING and cooing baby.  Not. Good. Luckily the hubs gets up and takes him downstairs so I can sleep longer.

400- Hubs comes back in because he can't find the pacifier.

415- Hubs comes in to get a new outfit for baby since he just spit up.

430- Hubs comes in for something. I didn't find out for what.  I look at my phone for the time. Ugh.

600- I awake to the simultaneous sounds of my phone alarm vibrating and the sound of an awake baby being brought up the stairs.  I tell the Hubs to take him back down I will nurse him downstairs, hubs knocks the door on a toy when opening it.  I inform him that he will have to try to get the toddler back to sleep.

615- Yep, I hear the toddler's door open.

630- Hubs tries to rock him, then graciously brings me a cup of coffee with lots of milk.

645- I hear toddler's door open again.  I allow him out 15 minutes early.

655-I hear crying and lots of toddler "no's" and the hubs informs me he is in a really bad mood.  The hubs is now afraid to leave me for work.

705 - Toddler officially in tantrum mode and put in his room.  3 times.  I am happy if he just does the screaming on the second floor. I make conversation with the still smiling, cooing infant.

720 - Screaming quiets down. I offer toast with jam. Screaming ensues.


755- Clean up kitchen. Try to play cars with toddler since baby fell asleep.

805- Diaper change since I thought I smelled poop.

810 - Another diaper change. Actual poop.

815- Toddler requests to eat again. I take the opportunity to throw kale in the dehydrator.

825 - Finally, playing with cars.

830- We pet the dog instead which I realize is shedding all over the carpet I just vaccumed so we take him outside to brush him. Toddler thinks that dog trying to escape into the hostas is hilarious. Also facinated by the "flying billy hair".

835- Cars again.

836 - Somehow, toddler realizes in the midst of his 50 Matchbox cars that the tow truck is missing.

837- I find the tow truck under our bed. Weird.

900- Nurse happy baby.

930- Bathe happy baby.

945 - Dress the other members of our family and listen to music WHILE playing with cars upstairs.

1000 - I announce we shall take a walk!

1010 - We are finally downstairs with shoes on. I peek at the thermometer. 82. Too late to back out now...

1019 - Goldfish, water, cell phone, keys, double stroller, teddy bear, dog, 2 children, one mom out the door. I look down at baby trying to eat his own arm. I forgot the pacifier. Sprint inside to grab pacifier praying toddler doesn't move the stroller. I think this constitutes a safety violation.

1020 - Actually walking.

1040-Back home. I release dog and toddler into backyard only to remember 60 seconds later that the hubs set the toddler pool up over the weekend.  I set the baby and other things occupying my hands inside while watching toddler through the back window. I go to retrieve toddler only to find that I was too late, he is soaked from the waste down. I think this also constitutes a safety violation.

1045 - Grandma here so I can get my haircut.  I remember I had told her I would have lunch ready. Hastily put together a toddler lunch. Remember I need to eat too. Shovel a few graham crackers with peanut butter in my mouth and throw pretzels and kale chips in a baggy. Fill my water bottle to wash kale chips out of my teeth.

1108 - Drop stuff at a friends house. Stuff I should have dropped off 2 months ago. Both of us apologize profusly for our sweaty non-showered selves.

1120 - Late to hair appointment. Realize I know the other lady getting her hair cut. Lovely 40 minutes of laughing talking about kids, movies (there is a movie about strippers??), tattoos, and turning 30.

1200- Return home to happy kids and hungry infant. Nurse happy baby, change diaper, nurse happy baby right to sleep!

1230 - Convince toddler to go read books since baby is sleeping. Change toddler diaper. Read 2 books, rock toddler to almost dreamland. Happily, toddler stays in bed and falls asleep.

1250 - Throw diapers in wash and fold a basket of clothes.

100- Check email, facebook, blog in that order. Return some emails, work on blogs with a snack of goldfish and milk. Make mental note that we NEED groceries. Look up Shepard's Pie recipe for dinner. Throw around the idea of just thawing some venison chili. Think briefly of taking a nap.

220- Decide that I am tired of looking at a computer screen and round up the ingredients for the Shepards pie.  Of course I didn't pull the meat out of the deep freeze so in the microwave it goes. I know that I will not get dinner completely finished as I waited too long to start but plow ahead anyways.

300- The dog flies downstairs which means the toddler is close behind.  He greets me grinning on the landing. I clap my hands and tell him I am SO glad to see him which makes his grin even bigger. I hear the baby stir. I have two hot pans going, I knew I waited too long.

310 - Hurridly get meat simmering and realize I have 10 minutes left on the potatoes. Nurse baby on one side.

320 - Quick! Turn off the burners, switch the laundry, grab a snack for the toddler, toddler asks to watch a movie, finish feeding baby before he realizes what I'm doing. Sit baby in kitchen while I finish up dinner.

400 - Dinner ready to go in oven. TV off.  Give toddler an activity choice and he chooses cloring. With markers. What happened to crayons? Trace lots of toddler hands on pieces of paper. Ask nicely several times for toddler to keep marker on paper ONLY. Draw a picture for daddy.

420- Make race track out of poker chips.

445 - Set table and throw dinner in the oven. Baby falls back asleep.

525 - Daddy is home! I let him say hi, send him to change his clothes and a toddler diaper. Baby has been eating between 6 and 630. Because I got dinner on the table before said time baby wakes early trying to devour his fist. Daddy and toddler eat at table, I feed baby again.

600-Everybody full. Found out on Facebook today that a friend taught their toddler how to do a sumersault. Sumersault lesson commences. We can tell that's not going to happen anytime soon so we head to the store so I have something to eat besides goldfish.

720 - Back from store with baby that is STILL trying to eaet his entire arm.  Daddy starts bath for toddler while I get PJ's on baby and feed him. Again. This is how I ended up with a ginormous baby. I listen to toddler and daddy argue about throwing water out of the bathtub. Daddy wins the argument.

800 - More books then rocking. I am trying to get baby to sleep in another room. Set baby down because I have a large baby and my back hurts. Contemplate my deltoids and blank on what exercise I need to do to strengthen the front head of the delts. Start raising my arms forward whle feeling the muscle only to see the hubs has caught me in this weird act from the other room. I go back to trying to get the baby to sleep.

830 - Hubs sends me to take a shower. I didn't take one yesterday. I think he could tell.

840 - I get out of the shower to see the door opening slowly. I see the shadow of a toddler on the wall. I tell toddler to get back to bed.

842 - I open the bathroom door to see the same toddler on the floor outside the door. I think about the fact that I now have to enter this information into this blog post. Great.

845 - After a great big hug and kiss, another hug, and then finally using toddler's full name, he stays in bed.

850 - I cut up watermelon we bought at store over my just mopped floor. Of course I drop a piece out of the first slice.

910 - Hubs in the shower, I check email and work on this blog. I have until the shower stops to get upstairs if I have any chance of coercing a foot rub.

1000 - I lay down exhausted, thanking God for every moment of this really great day.

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  1. I feel for you, mama, and I love this post! You are doing an awesome job.