Monday, July 2, 2012

2 Months - MBB

Oh, our little guy had a difficult start to the month.  He was been sick, sick, sick which I of course felt terrible about.  He got his brother's cold, which turned into his brother's cough which made it very hard to keep milk down.

So when I became quite sick I was put on antibiotics which we think was bothering him.  Every night at 6:30 we were dealing with 1 to 2 ours of crying.  Not fun.  He's also REALLY gassy, poor guy!
On a happy note he got to go on his first, and second trip to the zoo.  He thinks it's a great place to take naps!

He has pushed out to eating every 3 hours, especially overnight which has been nice. He still likes to be held all the time, but he is so young I consider that normal.  Tiring, but normal.
Why is daddy sad? Because I am making him pick strawberries?

He started grinning at 4 weeks and while we thought it was a fluke he has continued to flash us little grins.  Usually he is most happy early mornings.  I am waiting for that super big smile I can so vividly recall of Asher's-when I realized that he looked like my brother and therefore me... I'm not so sure I'm going to get that. Maybe that's because he's own person and doesn't have to look like me? Jeez!

Those smiles do come pretty easy now at the end of the month.  SO fun!

Asher making sure Micah is still in there.

I can't quite put my finger on who Micah looks like.  He was Asher's twin when he was born and when he is asleep they look a lot alike but something is different in his eyes when they are open.  They are still blue, which I am still in shock about, but something about the shape throws me for a loop.  I am excited to watch him grow to see his little face take shape.

One day I won't remember how little he was.

I love that Micah is such a laid back little guy. Not only is looking more like his daddy, he seems to be taking after his personality as well.

We are looking forward to his 2 month appointment as the child is HUGE and growing out of most of his 6 months clothes already, yikes!

Enjoying his first hotel stay.

And an update ( I like to write these things down throughout the month) once I finished the antibiotics Micah stopped with the nightly screamfest.  Except for today out of the blue. At a playdate. Yikes again!

My chunky monkey.

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