Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CSA #7 and Beet Greens

Seriously, I love this CSA. I love the drive out to the farm. I love that my two year-old knows that his vegetables come from said farm - not the grocery store. I love that we get to have potlucks with these farmers.

Sadly, I'm not sure we will continue with them next year because while I love the drive it's on the long side. I thought that since the hubby commutes and it's *sort of* on the way home it would be easy for him to pick it up. However, I have made that drive a couple times on the way home from visiting family and it's a bit much.

So for now we will enjoy the drive picking out the horses, the barns, and the hay bales along the way ("Mommy look! Horses! Horses eat grass!") and will REALLY enjoy the eating part.

Lettuce - 2 Types
Swiss Chard

I wanted to add here that I tried something new this week. Beet greens. Now hear me out here. I found out through my mom that you can actually eat the greens that are on the tops of the beets. Makes sense, those healthy Mediterranean people eat all sorts of greens; whatever is growing in the back yard is game. So I thought I'd give it a whirl why the hubby was away on business.

I sautéed some washed beet greens with garlic scapes in olive oil until bright green and wilted over medium heat. They were delicious! They weren't too tough, or bitter, and had a great flavor different than most greens I eat. That night however I had TWO different nightmares concerning my children. 

I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but I will be waiting to try those again for when the hubby is home! Yikes!

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