Friday, March 2, 2012

A Learning Experience

Not too long ago I was discussing with my hubby that once we had a second child it would be a learning experience for him, the Only Child.  Well, today I find myself in my own learning experience. 

Last night we woke to a strange cry from our Little Man's room. 

Once I rushed in I found a shivering, feverish toddler and some throw up.  The poor guy! I am amazed how cute he was being, even in the midst of a pajama change and a round of 2:30 AM tylenol (yep, the fever was high enough to warrant it, not good...).  He fell back asleep in the rocking chair in 60 seconds flat.

Since my Father-In-Law is currently in the process of chemotherapy, taking him to his Grandma and Grandpa's like a normal work day is out of the question.  So here's where we hit a hiccup.

I work at a bank.  Only for another month, but that is another post.  Today is Friday, and in the banking world it's considered the 3rd, which is a day filled with government checks, SSI, and paydays.  Not to mention that yesterday, the 1st, many government checks were not recieved in the mail due to some post office error or something.  Today is going to be busy.  On top of that, I open! I would feel horrible to call off today.

However, I am also a mother, and to leave my child at home when he is sick breaks my mother's heart.

Here's where I have to step back and look at this situation.  Growing up if we were sick my mom would stay home.  My father had left when we were little and growing up I didn't get along so well with my step-father (not the case anymore, don't worry!).  So she was it.  Everytime. Never a babysitter, never another family member, just our mom.  It was awesome and while I may not have appreciated that when younger I can definitely see it now. 

How do you feel better without your mom there???

Your awesome, loving dad stays home, that's how. 

I married an amazing, hands-on, affection-showing, parenting-sharing, gives-the-boy-a-bath-everynight, wants-to-teach-him-EVERYTHING, kind of dad.  God blessed me when he sent me my hubby.  So, because his day is a bit lighter (or so he lets me believe) he is staying home. 

Now I have to let go of the guilt.  He will provide all the snuggles, movies, and popsicles our sick little one will need while I will fill in at lunch time.  Just because I didn't experience this phenomenon growing up does not mean that I am being a poopr example of a mom.  In fact, in the long run, this will teach our son what kind of father he should be as well.

I hope my Little Man feels better today, and I hope he doensn't even notice that I am gone.  With his favorite daddy around, I'm sure that won't be a problem.

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