Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dinner with Two One-Year-Olds

We had some friends over for dinner recently.  We both have little boys only 6 months apart.  They both have the same initials and neither of them like to sleep through the night.

Man it was nice.

Why you ask? Because there was not a lot of finished conversations.  I'm not sure all four adults were ever together at the table for more than 5 minutes.  There was lots of screaming and lots of asking my child to "please share".

It sure was nice to know that there are other people out in the world going through the same things we are.  The same time of life, the same sleep issues, same theory on going out to eat (um, we don't...). 

I kept telling them how fun it was and how much we enjoyed the visit, but I'm not sure they believed me. This wasn't a case of "misery loves company", but istead a comfort knowing that we were not alone.

God has put me here, right now, at this stage of life.  He has surrounded me with these people in this place with this family he is so graciously letting me borrow. 

God is good, and I am thankful.

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