Friday, March 30, 2012

22 Months

This has been a difficult month.  Between Grandparents and parents being sick, in the hospital, busy caring for said parents/grandparents and work, and finishing up a pregnancy...  And then we have suddenly come upon what I can only label as the Early Terrible Twos.  Obviously I am a week late in posting this as there hasn't been much Mommy Morning Time.  Plus, I can't seem to find my camera to upload any pictures of the month.  I seem to remember losing it right before Asher was born too.

He has learned that he can use the word "no".  I'm not sure how we got this far along without him figuring that out.  Even the question "Would you like a cookie?" will illicit a "no".  Except when he says it it comes out "no-da".  We can't figure it out, he can say "thank you" so it's not no-thank you.  When we read the book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,  he tells the pigeon a simple no.  Maybe someday he'll be able to tell me.

His language continues to amaze me, and he's picking up on things I never thought he was listening to.  He is putting together sentences and you can have conversations with the boy! I told my mom that I didn't think we would be going to MOPs the next day and he turned around and said "MOPs?, pay kis?" Which was "MOPs? Play with kids?" which I tell him we are going to do every other Tuesday morning.

We are experiencing a sudden increase in tantrums.  Like, I can't do anything to calm him down besides put him in his crib for a few minutes.  I hope this is a quick phase.  It's not looking too good however.

He is in his big boy bed for naps and we are quickly getting the rest of his room together.  He seems to like it and hasn't figured out that he can get out of it yet.  I'm sure that's coming soon...

Also this month, I had to leave work 2 weeks before I was scheduled, so we are adjusting to mommy at home full time.  Most days have been great, a couple really difficult, but overall I am really thankful to be home again and enjoying the time just the two of us.  I have a feeling we will be adding another quite soon...

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