Friday, February 10, 2012

A Change of Heart

Maybe it's the intense pregnancy hormones, but I have had a change of heart.

Thank you to everyone who read my frustrated, whiney, lack-of-sleep post and didn't pick up the phone to call and tell me to get over myself.  I felt much better after dumping it into the blogging world.

No, we are still not sleeping.  Good news? I can see two more 2-year molars popping through.  I always feel much more relieved when they come in together.  I'd rather just get this all done at once.

However, in the last week a great friend of mine had a miscarriage, my Grandma fell and broke her arm and now is very weak, my mom is completely beside herself stressed (of course she won't accept my help), and then I was so blessed to have read this and this.  I blubbered through my morning coffee.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that not only have I been given the oppourtunity to get over myself and be strong for someone else, but I realized exactly what kind of opportunity I have in front of me.  I'm ashamed it took me reading of someone else's loss to get over my own pity party.  I guess though, to give myself a break, when you are in the midst of somethings, it's hard to see anything outside of your own world.

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