Monday, January 9, 2017

ECB 1 Month

Ezekiel, this has been the fastest month of my life. We woke yesterday (Monday) and I was surprised by the date. There were times in the first couple of weeks of your life that I felt time had slowed, but now that we are back into our "normal" rhythm, time is truly going at breakneck speed.

You came like your other brothers, on the weekend and at night. You have grown right before our eyes and are no longer that little tiny newborn. You are over 12 pounds and are long enough to be stretching out those 3 month pajamas.

You seem to be very laid back, but only with mommy. You seem to know if anyone else has you and aren't very happy about it. We know that will change, so I am trying to soak it in. You do not sleep during the day unless you are held. I have gotten the Tula out to try to get out of the rocking chair for the sake of the rest of the household. I could in fact sit and rock you all day, as long as someone would bring me some sustenance!

You are so incredibly loved! Micah especially loves to hold you, but all 3 fight for your attention and smiles and touch, even a month later.

We think you look like my dad (Grandpa Ankrom) and Micah in the eyes, but wonder if you resemble your Great-Granma Frances in the mouth and chin. Your eyes are still dark blue, the slight brown I thought I saw in the first few days seem to have disappeared. You have a cowlick almost in the center of your hairline, I hope you can figure that out! The 2 toned birthmark on your back was a surprise when you were born, and I am now sad it will have to be removed one day.

We are so thankful you are here and it feels like you have been with us the entire time. We are so in love.

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