Saturday, September 12, 2015

What to do when you don't have enough food.

The Bible tells us so many times what a blessing children are. 

Our society tells us the opposite, that they need to fit into our lives and that we can just dispose of them if the timing just isn't convenient.

In our home I have been humbled by how much I continue to learn from these little souls. How little that I actually know. I'm seeing why Jesus tells us to be like these little children.

An example I don't want to forget: Asher and I had an opportunity to serve recently. His attitude and joy in the situation were amazing to watch and was a reminder to me of my daily attitude. 

Afterwards though, in conversation I asked him what it would feel like to not have enough food to eat or enough money to buy it.

This is what he said:

"If there wasn't enough food at the grocery store, it would feel like I was starving. I would just find someone with a lot of food and ask them to share."

Someone with a lot of food. Isn't that all of us? 

His solution was so simple and so obvious that it made me stop and think, "oh!".  To him, it made no sense why someone wouldn't share if they had a lot. It didn't occur to him that someone might say "no", or "get a job". 

This is why I love little kids, because they have such a pure heart and are so honest. They don't tangle anything else into the problem. They have extra food, so they give it to others. 

Thank you, God, for teaching us though these children.

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