Monday, January 9, 2017

ECB 3 Months

Zeke, you fit in here as if you have always been here. You are as content a baby as I have ever known and quick to smile at everyone. You have stopped screaming after bathtime, which has been nice. You love bath time itself, but not the getting out and getting dressed part.

Your good sleeping streak has come to an end. We are trying you in the crib, thinking that the bassinet may no longer be comfortable. It feels silly to think that, but sleep deprivation makes you think lots of funny things. 

You are stronger every day. You can bear weight on your legs and are able to lift your head on your belly. You have finally come into a schedule during the day. You are taking 4 naps a day, 1 every 2 hours, and only for 45-60 minutes. We leave a blanket in your crib and swaddle you with it every time. Sometimes we are able to lay you down awake, and sometimes not. I haven't figured out that sweet spot.

Your brothers still dote on you regularly, but it's harder for them to hold you, as you no longer want to be cradled, but want to sit up and see out. Asher has figured out that he can carry you, which is terrifying, but he does a good job. We have had to ask him to NOT get you out of your crib.

Our days are full and we don't leave the house much anymore. We have switched to a convertable car seat since it's difficult for me to carry the infant one. At your 2 month doctor's appointment you were just under 15 pounds. Taking all 4 of you out by myself is still a bit overwhelming to me and has only happened when your dad has been traveling. Plus, you seem to greatly dislike cold air, sucking in, gasping, or even seemingly choking on it if you encounter it. I'm hoping that doesn't last long as the bigger boys love to ski and I would take you outside more if we could.

You turned 3 months the day before Christmas and we spent your first one in Detroit. The car ride up was esay, the car ride back was a little hairy, but went smoothly after you went to sleep. I am thankful that time in the car with you has become much less stressful!

I am able to handle the sleep loss a bit easier with each child and your dad is such a great help. Without him, we wouldn't be able to do this at all. 

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