Friday, July 24, 2015

JAB 11 Months

There are several women we know who are pregnant and due in August and September. Watching their bellies grow, we just can't believe that was us a year ago. For some reason, it feels like you were in my belly years ago.

You are a mover Judah, still cruising, still standing, and now you have mastered the steps on your own. You go where you want to, when you want to. The bathroom is the only place I have to corral you, especially when anyone else is using the bath or shower. You LOVE the water.

You are taking 1 or 2 naps a day and have been sleeping through the night again this week. God gives us a break every so often. Daddy gets up with you, but you SCREAM until he brings you in to nurse. A habit we are too tired to break. :)

You are content to play by yourself. You often do want to play with your brothers, but they yell "Baby Monster" and they are starting to get increaingly frustrated when you try to get into their little play scenarios. They have learned to move to higher ground when doing puzzles, or lining up cars, or playing games. Those boys love you to pieces though. They look out for you, want to greet you when they hear you from your room, and they make sure you have enough to at for meals.

Speaking of meals, you seem to love table food. You have cut way back in your nursing. I thought you were going to wean yourself completely there for a couple of days. We are pretty much down to sleepy times, but even then, you will go to sleep for others. Your favorites are still blueberries, but you also love watermelon, sweet potatoes, and most meats suprisingly, especially salmon, the favorite of all 3 of you.

People constantly comment how happy and content you are. You can be a bit fussier at home, but you really are a content little boy. I often "worry" that you don't get as many pictures taken of you being the third, but we are busy enjoying the time with you instead. We love you little man!

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