Thursday, March 26, 2015

JAB 4 Months

You are not so little any more!

At your 4 month appointment you have reached 27 inches (99%) and 16 lbs, 6 ounces (75%). It will be interesting to see if your height continues to be off the charts. People continually comment how BIG you look, not at all your age.

I ordered several 9 month pieces, only to find them too short for you in the torso. Add in the cloth diapers, and we are looking for more clothes. You are in mostly 12 month stuff now.

You are starting to belly laugh which we are all mesmorized by. You find your big brothers especially hilarious and they love entertaining you. You are also a bit ticklish.

We had the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, but we know it's temporary.

You have finally decided on 3 naps a day and eat every 3-4. You also have had your first cold and ear infection (!?!). I wonder if I am eating something that you don't agree with, because some dry/excema looking skin has emerged also.

You are still a laid back and happy boy, loved by so many people. We even get comments from many on how content you are, it's been so much fun to have you around.

You have only added to the love in our family. I am so thankful the Lord has let us borrow you here on earth. You are a reminder that children are indeed, such a blessing.

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