Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road Trip

My hubby is in a wonderful men's choir that travels through different churches usually in the summer and fall. He loves it, I love it.

Ready to go

So last weekend we traveled to Syracuse, NY with two boys. (you didn't think I was going to announce it that I was leaving ahead of time so you could come break in and steal things did you? you know - cloth diapers, strawberry jam, those things get quite a pretty penny on the streets...)

Me too!
We broke up the trip by taking an extra day on Friday and visiting Niagra Falls. What fun to see Asher making a waterfall in the bathtub the night before we left and the look on his face when he saw the real thing. He was amazed!

Overlooking the rapids 
 We drove to Syracuse first thing Saturday morning and I took the boys to the hotel while Brad was at practice.  It's hard work keeping a two-year old happy in a small hotel room, but we enjoyed dinner at church and making new friends during the program. 

He spotted the camera
One day, I will be able to attend the program again and not spend it holding a baby or playing with cars in the playroom. For now, this is the norm, and that's OK! 

Daddy took this shot, it freaks me out!

Asher had not had great sleep the days leading up to the trip overnight or at naptime so we had prepared ourselves for a meltdown.  Afterall, we were asking a lot of car time and unfamiliar places from a two year-old.

We were so pleased however with how both of them did in the car with frequent stops to as Asher says "get my wiggles out". It helped that there was a lot of construction going on and therefore lots of construction vehicles to see.

Me and the boys

Sadly, we learned a lesson about pushing a toddler too far when he woke up Saturday night inconsolable. It went on for two hours in a thin-walled hotel room before we decided the best thing to do would be to call it quits. We left at 3 AM and drove straight home. He finally fell asleep on the road and crashed that night, barely making it through dinner awake!

Enjoying his first hotel stay

Honestly, the story is a bit more dramatic than that, but let's just leave this as more of a pleasant memory than not.  Also, we can't blame him for how he reacted to the whole thing. He did so well with what we gave him.

Showing his doggy what was outside

Overall we learned that we should still travel at night as long as we have Littles for longer trips and that breaking it up to include lugging everything into and out of hotel rooms might not be the best solution.

Good morning!
Road trips have a way of making you appreciate home a little more.  We have been basking in the joys of our all week. I have enjoyed fresh foods, being able to be as loud as we want, and of course sleeping in our own comfy beds. Wea re looking forward to a couple more trips this year, although at least one of them we will be leaving the Littles with Nana. :)

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