Thursday, May 31, 2012

24 Months - AJB

Oh dear.  This post is LATE.  Asher has been getting up as early as 6 and Micah is feeding at 545 ish an not going back to sleep.  So my normal 630 mom-time was pushed back to 6, then disappeared completely.  Looking forward to the return of my "mom-time" before I go any more batty.

Now on to the reason for this post.

Our little boy is TWO!!! I can hardly believe it.  Although having a new little one around makes him seem much more like the big boy he is.  I was rocking him this week when I realized that he was half the length of my body!

We had a small birthday party at home with grandparents and Aunt Jessica, Olivia, and Danica.  We had Asher's favorite- everything bagels with cream cheese!

Some other favorites right now - NANA - in fact, he is starting to make me wonder if he likes Nana's house more than home as he asks constantly to go to Nana's house, RUNNING - "Asher go fast!", OUTSIDE - not a day goes by that he doesn't ask to go, DIRT & WORMS, MOVIES - we limit TV time and don't have cable so this is always a special treat right now the favorite is "Horton Hears a Who", CARS/TRUCKS/TRAINS - we are trying to set up a ride on a real choo choo train.

Asher is such a light in our lives, so full of energy and always ready to go somewhere and help someone.  The only time he will cuddle is when watching movies so we treasure that quiet time but he is so loving in other ways.  He has become protective about Micah and we are still learning to be gentle around his little brother. 

Some things I have been praying for with him- that we would have wisdom to know how to deal with his defiant streak/terrible twos, that he would sleep through all night - no crying spells, that he would be shown his passion in life early, that he would be lead to a christian wife, that God would use us to bring  Asher to know God, that I be used daily to raise a leader.

And speaking of praying, we have begun to pray together at bedtime.  He is able to tell me something he wants to pray for, sometimes it's Nana or Emma, sometimes it's for his cars or the trees he sees out the window. 

A new word we are loving around here? "Yes"  I wish I could type out how it sounds because it's so full of enthusiasm!

And even though it happened a few days AFTER his birthday he received his first stitches.  He fell at Nana's house and hit the corner of the wall.  5 stitches in the middle of his forehead.  He was a champ and we were so thankful to the awesome ER staff at Riverside.  SO thankful.  (It was awesome how God was present the entire time)

That's all for now.  We love this little boy with all of our hearts, even when the "no's" out number the "yes"!

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