Tuesday, January 24, 2012

20 Months

Our Little Man has hit his 20's.  Well, in months that is.  I have learned this month that I might have a problem with the age of "2".  It has hit me a little that he is growing, and fast.  I might shed a few tears in a few months...

He is ornery.  I think I have only myself to blame.  He has figured out that he can "hide" if he closes his eyes.  It's hilarious.  He has come up with new ornery faces and loves to give his daddy some of that "Ankrom Ornery", especially at bath time.  I think daddy is rethinking his decision to be in charge of bath time, so I am taking full advantage of each evening trying to get as much done as possible before I get that duty back.

He adds to his vocabulary everyday and has started to put a few words together.  This is primarily when he wants something: "more blueberries" or "water please".  These are said with much emphasis and he hasn't quite figured out that yelling "please" at your parents doesn't quite have the same effect as asking nicely.  He is learning "thank you" but it's hard to tell as it's still hard for him to say.  If he says anything remotely close to "thank you" after I ask him to I consider it a victory.

We have finally figured out that he is indeed old enough to have a little more structure at mealtimes.  Really, this just means that we are making him sit for longer periods of time.  Well, to be honest, we are just making him SIT, and mealtimes have suddenly taken longer and more seems to go into his mouth.  Weird how that happens.  He only fought us that first afternoon for all of five minutes, so I think he may have been secretly hoping his parents would figure out he likes routine/structure/rules.  Silly parents.  Although, his appetite has taken off anyway, so I'm not too sure it's the new rules about sitting.  He has put on visible weight so I am anticipating a major growth spurt soon.

He still loves cars, legos (the bigger kind), books, and his awesome dog Billy.  This month he started reading books to his stuffed animals.  This afternoon he was reading Elmo's ABC's to his moose and he just kept reading "Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo" to the mouse.  Awesome.  I wish I recorded it.  But as in all time-recording device (ie cameras) he is a difficult subject to capture.  Maybe I need to invest in a camera with a faster shutter speed...

We have cleaned out the office with the goal of finishing his "Big Boy" room in February.  He hasn't quite grasped that he is A)getting a new room or B)getting a new sibling, but we aren't too worried.  He has let us know when he is ready for whatever the next step is in the last 20 months and I'm sure that will continue long into the future. 

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