Monday, November 19, 2012

6 Months - MBB

Micah! We are half way to your first birthday ALREADY!

I have never had six months of my life fly by so quickly. So quickly in fact that I did not record your fifth month.

You are still our happy little boy. Happy and BIG! At your six month checkup you were 29 inches tall (99%) and 19 pounds 2 ounces (86%) you are outgrowing some of your 12 month clothes and moving on to 18 month clothes. Like I said, big!

Micah an his friend Adelaide

You still nurse primarily and aren't much of a fan of any solid food besides bananas. I tried avocado, nectarines, apples, and even a cheerio. Nana finally gave you some rice cereal last weekend and THAT is what you were apparently holding out for. You are a huge fan. So now you eat bananas AND rice cereal. A varied diet indeed! I'm holding out hope that you will still come around to the avocados...

You have been sick a lot again, but it's the wheezing we are having trouble with. Even in between colds the last 7 weeks we can't rid you of the wheezing. We started steroids this last week, but they still aren't doing much. Hopefully some warm air over the weekend will do the trick.

You also have 4 teeth coming in this week. All 4 on top bring you to 6 teeth all together. You still aren't drooling but you won't let us touch your gums today. Teething tablets seem to be your friend! That and cold, wet washcloths. You LOVE them. So happy that something helps. You finally slept better last night too, so they must be feeling a bit better.

You are sitting up pretty well, but I can't leave you by yourself, you are having the most trouble falling over to the side. You roll where you want to go and your favorite toys are whatever your brother is playing with at the time. You seem to know that we are trying to pacify you with a baby toy and are never too happy about that.

 You love Billy the dog, but you really are a momma's boy and you adore Asher. When daddy comes in the door after work you grin and grin at him. You usually have a smile for everyone and we hear how much you look like your daddy all the time. You are such a joy to us and to others. We love you!

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