Monday, September 17, 2012

4 Months - MBB

Hi there. It's been a while. That however is a whole different post.

Micah, my dear, next week you will be 5 months already! So let's catch up on month 4.

You popped your two bottom teeth through the week before you turned 4 months with as little drooling as I think was possible. I thought I was seeing some swelling but I just didn't believe it without seeing drool! You proved me wrong. You were deceptively pleasant about it too, until they actually broke through. Still, you were our (mostly) happy little Micah.

You smile at everyone, especially your brother, but not much laughter yet. Daddy or Asher are the best at getting giggles. You are still laid back, happy, and a go-along-with-everything kind of baby.

You can roll back to front and I've only seen front to back a couple of times, once I think your brother helped you over so I'm not sold on that milestone yet. You get mad on your belly so I don't push too much "tummy time", you can send me those counseling bills later... :)

You have found your feet and the dog, Billy, but you aren't too sure what to make of the latter. Your favorite person is Asher which makes my heart just melt. You never cry when you wake up. Morning, noon, or night you just talk and coo. You smile at anyone who walks in the door to come take you out of your crib.

You have THE softest cheeks that I just love to touch and kiss. Your daddy says the same thing. You are looooong and still wearing 12-18 month clothing. The clothes that were handed down to you from Asher, he was wearing when he was walking. Your hair is growing in and looks like I took you to get a buzz cut. In the sun I still see red. Your eyes look blue one day, hazel, green, or even brown the next. Mine change from day to day so we wonder if that's what yours will do too.

After getting mad at me at dinner we tried some mashed up banana with you. You loved it and I couldn't get it to you fast enough. We have tried avocado, nectarines, and apples without success. I can't give you too much else until 6 months, so for now banana it is.

The banana did NOT help you sleep any better, but we can't have everything now can we?

Micah, I am so thankful you are such a happy, laid-back boy and hope that I am giving you everything you need since sometimes I think it's hard to tell by your temperament. I am so thankful that you are here to be a brother to Asher and that he is here to be a brother to you. You were hand-picked by God for this family and we can't imagine it without you, or those so soft cheeks. We love watching you grow and are trying to keep our eyes wide open because it is all happening so fast.

  And lastly, it has been decided, both by us, and in a way for us, that we won't be having that third child we had talked about. I hope you are happy to be a "youngest" child and never a "middle". We don't think you will mind too much! We love you.

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