Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lately. (Part 1 of ??)

Hi there. Yep, the sleep is still quasi-abundant at the Beer household. Every time I stop to think about the sleep going on here I get this picture in my head of the cartoon "light shining down from heaven scene" and a chorus of "AAAAaaaa" rings in my head.

Dramatic? I'm allowed to be.

This may or may not be from my April 2013 folder...
Biggest news? We moved. 15 minutes closer to my husband's work which brings his commute down to 45 minutes on a good traffic day. Which, if you have ever lived in Columbus then you know how often that occurs on 270. Side note: seriously, get over. There are like 10 lanes on that freeway. Get. Over.

The Old House
We went from an 1930 fixer-upper to a 1960 only-need-some-paint-and-as-we-found-out-later-new-carpet dream. Seriously, why is it easier to clean this house? I mean, it's bigger, as in, we don't know what to DO with all of the space (who am I kidding, we are figuring it out), but just easier to clean and put things away.

Favorite parts? TWO sinks in one of the TWO bathrooms (no more pushing each other off the step stool while brushing teeth - and the boys are getting along better too). The laundry ROOM. The PLAYROOM. Yep, finished basement is now a play room. What's that? You don't see any toys in the living room? Boom!

Dramatic? I'm still allowed to be.

So, that's it for now. I still am using nap time to unpack, clean, paint, or maybe, take a nap myself. Especially since I have some short nappers here. Hey, beggars can't be choosers!

Easter 2013. I'm a little behind.

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