Monday, January 14, 2013

8 Months - MBB

You turned 8 months old 3 days after Christmas. You are a big boy who has figured out how to crawl! We love to watch you get around the house because you seem to find such joy in your new independence. You kind of smile and giggle to yourself as you explore your surroundings. People like to make comments as to how much harder my job will now be but your dad and I both agree that things get easier once our babies become mobile. You would get really mad when a toy you were playing with would get out of your reach and you would get so upset when your brother had something you couldn’t go explore. You can also go from lying to sitting. You are much happier now as you can get to things yourself.

Your love for that independence seems to be showing itself more and more lately. You are happy to play by yourself for longer stretches. You love to open and close the doors and play with the utensils and dishes of the play kitchen. You make little car noises as you push them back and forth on the floor. The kitchen table and its chairs seem to be your favorite new discovery and hideout and a small green ball is our favorite playtime thing together. I put it in your lap, you grunt and throw it! 

You also show your independence in the food department. You don’t want to eat much off of a spoon but instead prefer things that you can pick up and put into your own mouth. You also have no interest in baby food but want whatever we are eating as a family.

We have been trying to introduce books, and your favorite is “Have You Ever Tickled A Tiger?”, but you don’t like to sit and listen. After we read each page you close the book to look at the cover. It’s as if you are making sure that it is still there. Another favorite game is to pull out all of the books you can manage out of the book basket which we find pretty entertaining. 

You are a busy little guy and we are grateful for that. We love having you as a part of the family Micah!

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