Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things I've learned at 30

A few things I've learned by the ripe old age (kidding) of 30. I know I will laugh at these when I read them at 40.

1. Forgiving others is very freeing.

2. Always check if you let the dog back inside before you go to bed.

3. The first year of marriage can be very difficult, but it gets better each and every year after.

4. A joyful heart does much more for the appearance than any make up or hair cut.

5. Think before you make up words thinking you're cool, like adding "ness" to the end of words. For example "I'm feeling the awesomeness". Then when you tell your dad you have to pee, you won't end up telling him that you are "feeling the peeness" (just say it out loud).

6. Having children is hard.  Very hard.  But very worth it.

7. I can learn to do without a lot of things, cable TV, those expensive shoes.....sleep.

8. Always make sure that stranger really is who you think he is before you go over to them acting uber excited.

9. Every thing I've done in my life, the good, the bad, the ugly has brought me here and God is using it all for good.

10. ALL people fall short of the glory of God. Daily.

11. Never do something thinking you won't see the people witnessing it ever again. You might turn around at a concert one night and be completely mortified.

12. If something is truly important, I/you/he/she/they will make time for it. 

13. A healthy diet DOES taste better than an unhealthy one. I promise!

14. My parents did the BEST they could.
15. As I parent I am doing the best I can.  That's all I can do.

16. Age is only a number. Until you hit 65.  Then important things can happen, like retirement!

17. Comparing myself to others in appearance, education, financial status, parenting is very dangerous. There are always two sides to every story and you are probably only seeing the good side.

18. Positive thinking is very effective and usually contagious.

19. People need love. It's not up to me to decide who and why, all people need to be loved.

20. When your MIL suggests you stop eating so many cherries in the days leading up to long bike ride around an island with minimal bathrooms, you should listen to her.

21. My past mistakes do not define me now, whether you can't let go of those mistakes or not.

22. If you have children, you too will one day become an "In-Law", so be nice!

23. Living with a significant other will not help someone to decide if that person is the one to marry or not. If the fact that the other person leaves their socks on the floor, can't cook, poops with the door open, or doesn't clean the kitchen to your standards is a deal breaker then that is not the person to marry.

24. If you are on your way to church and the person in front of you isn't going fast enough, the solution is not to tailgate them. The odd are much higher early SUnday morning that they are going to the same church.

25. A home cooked meal, loved ones, and a clean house are very therapeutic.

26. God is in all things, all circumstances, all places. For that I am very thankful.


  1. Love this! Very true for every decade!

  2. You are a wise one, you 30 year old, you!